Danny Hurdle, is a native of Camden County in the northeast corner of North Carolina and grew up eating, cooking and serving barbeque at Hurdle’s Restaurant, a South Mills eatery his daddy won in a poker game. You can tell barbeque is his passion by the way Danny describes the smallest details of cooking the pig. The grill has to be exactly 17 inches from the bottom of the cooker. (“One inch either way will change the cooking tremendously.”) The pig can’t weigh an ounce over 140 pounds. (“Any bigger than that, and he’s not a pig, he’s a hog, and all you’re cooking is grease.”) And when he butterflies a pig, Danny insists finishing cooking it back down. (“It looks prettier on the belly, nice and brown, but the juices are lost into the fire.”) Danny knows this method costs him a point or two on appearance in barbeque cook-offs, but maintains the reward is moister meat and better picking. “True North Carolina barbequers,” he says, “finish the pig facing up.” And true North Carolina barbecue lovers may have fewer reasons to head down I-95 now that Danny operates Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque in Ashburn, VA.


Barbeque is a native American delicacy that over the years has evolved into as many variations as there are hamlets in this great country. Each geographical area has developed its own special barbeque sauce and variations on cooking the meat.

Originally concocted for pork, barbeque is now also made with beef and chicken. But whatever meat base, however it may be cooked, the sauce is still the heart of any barbeque.

Carolina brothers has brought to the area the tradition of Carolina barbeque that for years has enjoyed nationwide recognition as the finest. Their sauce is the most tantalizing to be found, with a subtle spiciness that compliments the basic flavor. Carolina brothers hickory smokes all of its meats while gently cooking in the traditional N.C. pit, then hand shreds the pork, beef or chicken into tender bite-sized pieces. When the meat is garnished with carolina brothers special sauce you have a real American taste treat that will be long relished and remembered.